104L Pressure Rated Stainless Steel Pressurisable Conical UniTanks Fermenters for the Home Brew and Nano Scale Brewer now available at KegLand.

159L BrewBuilt X1 Stainless Steel Conical Unitank Fermenter (42gal)

KL06866 - KegLand Kegmenter 29L - Stainless Pressurisable Fermenter - profile

29l Kegmenter 304 Stainless Uni Tank Pressurisable Fermenter

10000L Conical Fermenter with Dimple Jacket and Insulation Unitank

If you are starting a microbrewery or brewpub it's hard to go past these top value conical fermenters.  These fermenters are designed to hold pressure so they can be used as bright beer tanks or uni-tanks.  They are professionally welded, pressure tested.  We have already supplied these to hundreds of breweries around Australia and have many happy customers.  

As of January 2021 these fermenters come with a Work Cover Registration Certificate at no additional cost.

So if you are looking for a quality made stainless tank that not only will produce high-quality beer but also look great in your brewery then look no further.


  • Triple Skin

1. Inside Skin (Passivated, giving it a Matte look much like our 19L Brand New Kegs. Superior Rust Protection)

2. Dimple Jacket (INCLUDING CONE)

3. 50mm PU Insulated Jacket (Brushed Finish)

  • Pressure Vessel
    This is a unit tank design so the fermenter can be pressurised enabling you to use this not only as a fermenter but also a bright tank. Carbonate and dispense from the one vessel.
  • Shadowless Manway
    - For easy cleaning and also for best results with CIP cleaning the shadowless manways are simply more sanitary and are the only way to go.
  • Australian Standards
    - Designed to AS1210 Australian standards
  • Beautifully Made/Pro Welded
    - If you want a tank that not only performs great but is good looking enough to be the centerpiece of your bar, restaurant, or brewpub.
  • CIP Spray Ball
    Geometrically designed to be effective with CIP.
    • 4 Inch Tri-Clover Cap
      This useful cap has a 4inch tri-clover opening at the top which can be useful for dry hopping, late additions, pitching of yeast, and many other purposes.  We also sell other attachments that can attach to this standard 4inch Tri-Clover Port including:
      a) Lid with pressure relief, ball lock gas post, and ball lock liquid post. (Part: 
    • KL05890).  This can be very useful for extracting a sample from the fermenter or simply applying some gas pressure to the headspace of the fermenter.
      b) 4 Inch Tri-Clover end Cap
      This can be modified for other purposes. (Part: 
  • KL04589)
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We do also have other sizes available too.  You can see the other sizes here:
KL01687 - 200L Dimple Jacket Conical Fermenter for Microbrewery.PDF

KL01694 - 400L Dimple Jacket Conical Fermenter for Microbrewery.PDF

KL01717 - 600L Dimple Jacket Conical Fermenter for Microbrewery.PDF

KL01724 - 800L Dimple Jacket Conical Fermenter for Microbrewery.PDF

KL01731 - 1000L Dimple Jacket Conical Fermenter for Microbrewery.PDF

KL01748 - 1500L Dimple Jacket Conical Fermenter for Microbrewery.PDF

KL01755 - 2000L Dimple Jacket Conical Fermenter for Microbrewery.PDF

KL01762 - 3000L Dimple Jacket Conical Fermenter for Microbrewery.PDF

KL12317 - 4000L Dimple Jacket Conical Fermenter for Microbrewery.PDF

NOTE: For larger sizes please contact us for quotation.

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