Nuvola Super is used for even longer leavening times of 36-48 hours and is also highly recommended for the preparation of Biga, Poolish and Sourdough.

25kg SACK - Caputo Nuvola SUPER 0 Flour

25kg SACK - Caputo Nuvola 0 Flour

Perfect for light dough with large cavities. Ideal for 24 hour rise times for Neapolitan Pizza.

From the research and development of the Mulino Caputo comes Nuvola: an accurate selection of 100% natural raw materials without additives or preservatives that ensures volume and softness of the dough thanks to the high fermentative capacity naturally present in the grains.

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25kg SACK - Caputo Nuvola 0 Flour

Caputo is known all over the world for producing exclusive flour blends to make exceptional pizzas, bread, pastries and pasta has 2 new products on range.

“0” Soft Wheat Flour NUVOLA and NUVOLA SUPER both perfect for creating AIRY, CRUNCHY and FRAGRANT cornice (crusts). • Nuvola is used for leavening within 24 hours allowing preparation of VOLUMINOUS and ALVEOLATE doughs. Protein Value: 12.5% - W: 270 ÷ 290

Nuvola is used for leavening within 24 hours allowing preparation of VOLUMINOUS and ALVEOLATE
Protein Value: 12.5% - W: 270 ÷ 290

Both flours 100% NATURAL, the result of an accurate selection of HIGH FERMENTATION grains to yield very fast rising times.

Lower in salt, very light and easily digestible.

What does Nuvola mean?
Nuvola means 'cloud' and is a word carrying many nuances: lightness, impalpability, softness, and above all that peculiar consistency that makes it melting in the mouth like cotton candy.

Product of Italy
100% Vegan
No Artificial Colours

Nutritional Facts / Average value
  100g %AR*/100g
Energy 1502 Kjoule ~ 354 Kcal 18%
Total Fat 1g 1%
Saturated Fats 0.2g 1%
Carbohydrates 72g 28%
Sugar 1g 1%
Fiber 3g  
Protein 12.5g 25%
Salt 0.006 0%
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