Battery Add-On CO2 Regulator Adapter - Dual Pressure Adaptor Battery Add-On CO2 Regulator Adapter - Dual Pressure Adaptor
Battery Add-On CO2 Regulator Adapter - Dual Pressure Adaptor

Battery Add-On CO2 Regulator Adapter

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Ideal for dispensing two draft beers that require different CO2 pressures.

Modular design makes expansion easy.

Simply remove the high pressure gauge from one regulator and screw this adapter. Then attach your other regulator directly to the other side of this adapter.

The two threads are ¼” to suit your regulator body (just unscrew your regulator high pressure gauge) and Type 30 to suit the second battery add on regulator.

Note: does not include regulator or gas bottle.  This device will work with a lare range of CO2 Regulators.

In Stock
Add-On CO2 Regulator Adapter

This product is ideally used with the:

MKIII KegLand CO2 Regulator

However this product will also suit many other regulator types as well.

This product can also be useful for customers wanting to use the one CO2 Gas cylinder and feed the high pressure gas to a sodastream machine too.  So you can have a low pressure go into the kegerator then attach one of the Freedom One hoses from this adaptor to your sodastream machine.

Freedom One Sodastream Adaptor Hose 36Inch

Freedom One Sodastream Adaptor Hose 72Inch

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