The KegLand Affiliate Program is designed to help various people, clubs, stores, or educational facilities that benefit the home brewing industry.

We believe that in Australia we have many non-profit organisations that make an effort to educate customers about how to brew, how to user certain equpment, and how to simply make better beer. The affiliate program is to support these individuals and organisations.

If you believe you would make a good affiliate please:

  1. Go to In the top right hand corner of our website hover your mouse over the "My Account" link. Then click "Create Account"
  2. Once you have created an account send an email to from the email address that you used to setup the account.
  3. Finally send us an email stating why you believe you should be an affiliate

The types of people that we will accept as affiliates are:

  • Prominent bloggers who help educate home brewers or other prominent people in the industry
  • Home Brew Clubs, Home Brew Competitions
  • Home Brew Related Stores