Artisanale - Matty's Russian Imperial Stout (16.5L)

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This is our first seasonal beer. It is a classic Bohemian or Czech Pilsner with a good malt profile, firm bitterness and pleasant hop aroma and flavour.
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Artisanale - Matty's Russian Imperial Stout (16.5L)

Our friends on the other side make these kits on Speidel 500L Braumeister Brewery, they are all grain and brewed true to style.
We love a fresh wort kit, because sometimes you just don't have time or can't be bothered to make a delicious all grain brew. 

To make these fresh wort kits pop!, we do suggest a yeast starter. Either doing it per the yeast instructions, or via a magnetic stir plate yeast starter. If you're not familiar with yeast starters, please do some googling and make your beer better.

Artisanwort kits are generally designed to add 3 litres of water to the fermentation to achieve the ideal balance, you may if you wish, not add the extra water for a richer, higher gravity version.

General Specifications

Approximate cube volume: 16.5L Plus 3L of extra water added.
Starting Gravity: 1.100. 
Bitterness: 72 IBU's
Grist make up: Joe White Ale 78%, JW Chocolate 5%, JW Roast Barley 5%, Simpson Pale Chocolate 4%, Dingemans Special B 4%, Flaked Oats 4% and Best's Caramunich II 4%.
Hops: US Warrior for bttering and East Kent Goldings added at 10min and flame out
Recommended yeasts: WLP001 - California Ale Yeast with a starter or 3 packs of Fermentis SafAle US-05.

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