KL13529 beginner muntons home brew kit - everything you need! KL13529 beginner muntons home brew kit - everything you need! KL13529 beginner muntons home brew kit - everything you need! aKL13529 beginner muntons home brew kit - everything you need!
KL13529 beginner muntons home brew kit - everything you need!

Beginners Muntons Home Brew Starter Kit

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Get started on your brewing journey with this affordable quality home brew starter kit that includes everything you'll need (including ingredients) to brew and bottle 23L of high-quality beer!

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Beginners Home Brew Starter Kit
Looking for the perfect beginners home brew kit to make your first batch of beer? look no further!
This kit has all you need to make your first 23L of high-quality beer, including all the ingredients for your first batch.

Q: What's better than sipping a nice cold beer after a long hard day?
A: Sipping a nice cold beer you made yourself!

This kit was made with the intention of making it easy for first timers to give home brewing a crack. This kit includes everything you need to do it properly and nothing more that would unnecessarily over complicate it. Brew, bottle, drink - easy as that!

This kit even includes a high-quality Muntons™ ingredient kit so there's nothing more to buy to make your first 23L (30 x 750ml bottles) of premium beer!

Don't think you have what it takes to brew your own beer? Wrong!
This kit makes it dead easy to produce excellent beer in 30 days. It's as easy as mixing and waiting thanks to the top-shelf Muntons™ recipe kit included in the package. Look in the 'Instructions' tab of this listing for our comprehensive, easy-to-follow instructions that will ensure you get good beer.

Why buy this kit over others?
Top shelf equipment and ingredients with an affordable price tag. We believe quality shouldn't cost an arm and a leg, that's why we give you the best possible price without cutting corners and compromising on quality. With this kit, you get only the best gear to make the best beer.

Kit Includes:

Which Muntons™ ingredient can will I get with my kit? It's a lucky dip out of our entire range (excluding the Hand Crafted range). Don't worry though, they're all top quality and just as easy as each other.

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