1. Brewing Salts: The Basics Of Water Chemistry Explained – A Beginner’s Guide

    So, water chemistry. What the heck is it anyway?

    If you have been brewing for a while, then you have quite possibly heard the term “water chemistry” or “brewing salts” bandied about. 

    If you are thinking about making the leap to all grain brewing then it is something you will definitely encounter sooner

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  2. A Comprehensive Guide To Pressure Fermentation

    Pressure fermentation is a phenomenon that has rocketed into vogue seemingly in the last couple of years. Jump on any forum or Facebook page to do with homebrewing and you will see pressure fermentation questions everywhere. 

    The broad facts of pressure fermentation are pretty well known by now, but 

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  3. Why you should never use a Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) as a Spunding Valve.

    Pressure Relief Valves (PRVs) are an almost ubiquitous feature in pressure capable vessels designed for homebrewing. They are part of corny kegs, most pressure capable fermenters, CO2 regulators, the list goes on. 

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  4. Dry Yeast vs Liquid Yeast. Which Is Better?

    Here at Kegland we are really big fans of dry yeasts. 

    We don’t use them exclusively, but there is no doubt that when it’s time to pitch, more often than not we reach for a packet of dry yeast rat

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  5. How To Keg Your Beer - A Basic Guide

    Hey guys. We know a lot of you have recently made the jump to kegging your brews. There are probably a decent number of folks out there switching up from bottling, and an equally large number jumping straight into both homebrewing and kegging. Welcome to you all! 


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  6. A Beginner's Guide To Bottling HomeBrew

    So, you have made your first delicious (hopefully!) home brewed beer. Maybe you used an extract kit. Perhaps you went with one of our super convenient and tasty Fresh Wort Kits. Maybe you jumped right into the deep end and dived into All Grain brewing right from the outset - 

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  7. The 10 tips every new Brewzilla owner should know

    So, you’ve done your research, compared products, realized that the BrewZillas are pretty much the best value all in one brewing systems on the market. You’ve bitten the bullet, pulled the trigger and a shiny new BrewZilla has landed on

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  8. Kegland Fathers Day - Brewing gift ideas for Dad

    Father’s day’s quickly approaching and Dad loves beer…you’ve come to the right place. Luckily we’ve also got some of the speediest delivery services available. So whether you’re a Dad making a wish list (did you know the website has one?) or looking for something for your Dad, we’ve got you covered.
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  9. Getting Started with Kveik

    Kveik are an exciting family of yeasts which thrive in hot fermentation temperatures and are an excellent option for homebrewers who struggle with temperature control or want a fast ferment. The use of Kveik allows great beers to be made with a quick turn around time and it's a great option for homebrewers in the harsh Australian climate.
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  10. Keg Maintenance

    There is pretty much no doubt whatsoever that moving up to kegging your homebrew is a fantastic step to take. While bottling home brew is both rewarding and can be beneficial for some styles, most would agree that kegging provides greater flexibility, ease of use and far less hassle in terms of cleaning and transferring. Transferring your finished beer into a keg we will cover in another post. 

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