1. The 10 tips every new Brewzilla owner should know

    So, you’ve done your research, compared products, realized that the BrewZillas are pretty much the best value all in one brewing systems on the market. You’ve bitten the bullet, pulled the trigger and a shiny new BrewZilla has landed on

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  2. Kegland Fathers Day - Brewing gift ideas for Dad

    Father’s day’s quickly approaching and Dad loves beer…you’ve come to the right place. Luckily we’ve also got some of the speediest delivery services available. So whether you’re a Dad making a wish list (did you know the website has one?) or looking for something for your Dad, we’ve got you covered.
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  3. Getting Started with Kveik

    Kveik are an exciting family of yeasts which thrive in hot fermentation temperatures and are an excellent option for homebrewers who struggle with temperature control or want a fast ferment. The use of Kveik allows great beers to be made with a quick turn around time and it's a great option for homebrewers in the harsh Australian climate.
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  4. Keg Maintenance

    Kegs full of beer are wonderful things but if they are not well looked at, they will turn nasty. We recommend cleaning and keeping them regularly to prevent off flavours and wasted brew.

    When you're a kegger, make your beer look fantastic and keep your keg clean, a big measure. Filtering is not only a way to get a good clean brew, but minimizes yeasts and hops that get into your keg and obstruct the poppet valves.

    Once you first get a brand-new keg

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  5. Kegging Your Beer !!!



    Post-mix kegs are the kegs used in most systems, made of stainless steel with a hatch cover for quick cleaning and filling. They have valves for gas in and beer out, and a safety release valve. The size of these "kegs" types varies from as small as 9 to 50 liters. The most popular is 18 liters and 22 liters, suitable

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  6. Consider A Beer King Keg System

    Sooner or later, every home brewer reaches a point where he realizes his skill level, his operation, and the quality level of his beer has reached a point where it's time to think about upgrading a little bit. He may start to imagine experimenting with more complex recipes or ingredients of higher quality. He could find himself, for the first time, dreaming of investing in stainless steel brewing equipment.

    He'll definitely want to consider a beer

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  7. Set & Forget Keg Carbonation

    This simple technique is the most consistent & controlled way to force your Homebrew keg to carbonize. It also offers you the opportunity to dial in the different rates of carbonation ideally suited to particular beer styles.


    Step by Step


    Step 1: Cool the beer down to serving temperature in your keg

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  8. Fast Forced Keg Carbonation

    Fast Forced Keg Carbonation: Rock & Roll Technique


    Want a carbonated FAST keg ?!? 

    This fast-forced carbonation technique called "Rock & Roll" can get you out of trouble ...


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  9. How to Fix an Overcarbonated Beer

    Is your lager pouring froth from your barrels?

    Before you hop into complex difficulty shooting, consider this...

    It could be as basic as your lager being over-carbonated and nothing to do with line length/psi serving pressure and so on. Particularly on the off chance that you have gone down the way to drive co2 into your brew rapidly. This quick constrained procedure can give a wide assortment of results and in the event that you come up short somewhat it could significantly affect

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  10. Home Brewing Kegging Equipment - Beginners Guide To Kegging

    Kegging can be an overwhelming task at first. There’s a lot of new equipment that you probably haven’t seen before. You’ve probably also had a look online only to realise everyone has their own opinion on how to best do it.

    It can be extremely confusing when you’re learning about this process for the first time.

    Our aim for you today is to lay out a step by step process that is easy to follow and will result in perfectly carbonated beer. No tricks or short cuts included!

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