Monthly Archives: February 2018

  1. Awesome Home Brew Resources and Links

    ANHC Australian National Homebrewing Conference
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  2. Lets Talk About Yeast And How To Make A Successful Yeast Starter

    A yeast starter on a stir plate
    Yeast cells are the often-unsung heroes of beer brewing. Without yeast, your beer
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  3. Cleaning and Sanitising for homebrewers made easy

    Various home brew cleaning and sanitising including chemicals starsan PBW ethanol
    So you’ve got your homebrew gear, you’ve got the hops, yeast, and grains, you’ve cleared some
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  4. How to Get Started In Home Brewing

    Fermzilla 30L All Rounder - a great beginner's fermenter
    Despite the perception, us beer brewers are an evolving lot. We often get asked
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  5. Home Brew Keg Dispensing - A Beginner's Guide

    Woman dispensing beer from a 19L corny keg
    Kegs aren't just the domain of pubs and student parties. If you're prepared for a little
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  6. KegLand Distilling Hardware - Pot Stills vs Reflux Stills - what's the difference?

    Graphic showing a Kegland Pot Still and all parts
    All KegLand stills are compatible with the KegLand Robobrew Generation 3s and also
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  7. KegLand - It's Legit

    There's been a lot of talk on the Aussie Brewer's Forum about whether KegLand is LEGIT
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