Fast Forced Keg Carbonation: Rock & Roll Technique


Want a carbonated FAST keg ?!? 

This fast-forced carbonation technique called "Rock & Roll" can get you out of trouble ...





Chill the beer down to between 2 ° C and -2 ° C in your keg. Just go as small as -1 ° c for beers below 4.0 % ABV. Anything lower and you are at risk of freezing the beer. Getting the beer cold is an important step because it makes the Co2 absorb liquid better.



Place the keg on its side with the "Gas In" pin or ball locking post nearest to the ground or surface on which you have the keg, until the beer is cooled.


Step 3

Set 35PSI Gas on the regulator. Attach the disconnecting gas to a 'Gas In' post.


Step 4

Set a 1.5-minute digital timer, and press start.


Step 5

For the set time, roll the keg back and forth at its side.


Step 6

Remove gas disconnect after 1.5 minutes from the 'Gas In' update. Keep rocking the keg for 30 seconds.


Step 7

Stand up the keg to the right and allow it to sit for 2 to 3 minutes.


Step 8

Check the rate of carbonisation. To do so, remove all of the keg pressure first. Set the controller to serve pressure (8–10 psi) and connect the gas to the 'Gas In' post. Link your serving tap to the poster 'Beer Out' on your keg. Poor sample for determining levels of carbonation.


Step 9

If the level of carbonisation is not satisfactory, repeat above cycle. Reduces the keg rocking time to 40 seconds, however, but keeps the rocking time of 30 seconds until gas is removed. It is also necessary to allow the resting period of 2–3 minutes again before re-evaluating carbonation levels.


Important Tips


  1. Just carbonate it in cold beer.
  2. When the disconnection is not linked to the keg, always put pressure on the regulator. That should always be the rule if pressure on your regulator is set or changed.

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