Is your lager pouring froth from your barrels?

Before you hop into complex difficulty shooting, consider this...

It could be as basic as your lager being over-carbonated and nothing to do with line length/psi serving pressure and so on. Particularly on the off chance that you have gone down the way to drive co2 into your brew rapidly. This quick constrained procedure can give a wide assortment of results and in the event that you come up short somewhat it could significantly affect the carbonation levels of your lager.





So before you get disappointed with not comprehending what you have fouled up, here is a snappy procedure to take some co2 out of your brew to check whether your pouring outcomes improve.

Step by step instructions to FIX AN OVER-CARBONATED KEG

Stage 1: Disconnect your lager and gas line from the barrel and expel your barrel from the refrigerator.

Stage 2: Using the weight help valve, discharge all the weight from your barrel

Stage 3: In an upstanding position, rock your barrel to and fro for 30 seconds

Stage 4: Leave your barrel to sit and make due with 1-2 minutes

Stage 5: Using the weight help valve, discharge all the weight from the barrel

Stage 6: Repeat stages 3 - 5

Stage 7: Set your controller back to serving weight and associate with barrel. Associate back up your lager line. Serve.

Stage 8: If your lager is still over-carbonated, rehash stages 3 - 5 until your brew is at the suitable carbonation levels.