Kegs full of beer are wonderful things but if they are not well looked at, they will turn nasty. We recommend cleaning and keeping them regularly to prevent off flavours and wasted brew.

When you're a kegger, make your beer look fantastic and keep your keg clean, a big measure. Filtering is not only a way to get a good clean brew, but minimizes yeasts and hops that get into your keg and obstruct the poppet valves.

Once you first get a brand-new keg you can also properly clean it because a caustic acid solution is used for the distributors cleaning machine. This is a very strong solution, and smells like 7-up or Sprite. Before using the keg for the first time, it is necessary to follow certain directions:

Fill the bar with water and pre-carbonate sodium solution (30 g to 10L or 2 tablespoons-or 4 desert spoons). Fill it all the way up to the top, and let it soak overnight. Take out the cleaning solution and add in fresh water and let it all rest indefinitely, or overnight, for several hours. Pour the water out, and the keg is good to go. Using sterilizer, of course, before you completely load the keg with your tasty beer.


Hint: Do not use chlorine (bleach) to clean your kegs, because the interior of the keg will pit.


You will clean them as soon as possible after emptying a keg of your tasty beer. Open the top of the keg and clear some debris from the bottom. If you don't have the time when you finish your keg (because you're in the middle of a party), just take the top off and apply a few liters of clean water to the bottom to keep the alcohol from drying out and getting lost, just rinse it later.

Make a 20 gram sodium pre-carbonate solution with 3liters of water until the sediment is gone. Cover the lid and take a few minutes to give it a quick shake. Then take it back to the kegerator to add your gas and liquid lines and click on your gas just as though you'd pour a bottle. Place a bucket below your tap. Open the tap and allow the cleaner to run through your line until the keg is empty. Rinse the keg with clean water after an hour and then place 5 liters of water in it. Link it back to the kegerator and run the beer line through the clean water until the keg is empty.


Note: You clean everything at once by doing this, and that will help the equipment to last longer and be free from off-flavours.

Every 12 months (just like replacing the smoke detector battery). We recommend replacing seals and poppet valves inside your kegs. The seals may perish, and tension may be lost by the spring on the poppet valve. Through my own bitter experience, I can tell you that if this happened and you leave your gas on you might end up with a beer-filled keg all over your house! We market replacement kits for $7 for complete. This is inexpensive as opposed to wasting a beer keg. We will not recommend replacing the seal of the cover every year, but you should also test to ensure that it does not have any flattened edges.When you see this happening then you should quickly fix it.

It's quick to remove your liquid and gas signs, just use a spanner (or shifter) and turn them up. On every post there is an O-ring which should be withdrawn and replaced from the package by its duplicate. Take the feeder tube out on the liquid side and you can see a thin O-ring under the bottom. Remove this from kit and replace with the one.

Feed the tube back into the keg, making sure it seats itself in the bottom of the keg in a depression. Remove the small tube from under the lip and replace the O-ring on the gas side.

Each post has a poppet valve in it, but if they don't use a small screwdriver to remove it they should just come out in your hand. Just check inside the post to make sure it is clean and if a clean one is not given. Then swap the poppet valves with the new ones in the box to ensure they stay square.


Screw the posts back onto the keg, then bring the lid back on. Gas keg up to around 25 psi, then use a spray bottle of soapy water to test for any leak.

If you have the keg washed and sterilized, it's time to load it with beer now. Place a tiny amount of lube on the gas and liquid posts and add to the kegerator again. Enjoy.