All KegLand stills are compatible with the KegLand Robobrew Generation 3s and also fit the standard 50L kegs. This means, along with our 2200watt heating element, you can pretty much make a boiler out of anything!

Pots Stills are made for those looking to produce real whiskey, gin or bourbon and want to allow flavours from the boiler into the final spirit. This is the classic method of distillation used to produce many of the finest spirits on the top shelf. Capturing these unique flavours that cannot be synthetically produced. It's a more complex and time consuming craft but is very rewarding and allows you to produce spirit which is unmatched in flavour, complexity and profile.

Reflux Stills (aka fractional distillation columns) are used to make pure neutral spirit which are designed to extract only a single pure element from the distillate. In many cases, this is ethanol but can also separate other distillates purely based on boiling temperature. In in a nut shell, Reflux distillation is an easy way to produce drinking alcohol which can be flavoured with various off-the-shelf essences for all your fave spirits.