The JETI Fundra 35 is the right size for personal hauls or food for a small crew. It boasts up to three inches of Super Duper Frost Insulation and rugged rotomolded construction for optimum adventure performance.

35L JETI Fundra - Esky Super Ice Cooler (DIY Magic Box Starter)

The Benchy Portable Keg Dispenser is the easiest way to setup a draft system. No ice required just plug in the keg and power and be pouring beers instantly.

Benchy - Glycol - Portable Bench Top Keg Dispenser

DIY Double Tap Cooler Jockey/Magic Box - BOX ONLY (Pre-Drilled)

Unlike many other jockey box kit this particular jockey box comes with a premium grade cooler.  This is a rotomoulded cooler that has PU high density insulation capable of holding ice in the esky for many days.

The cold plate (sold seperately*) is made of high thermally conductive aluminium casting and the taps, shanks and other parts are made from stainless steel (also sold seperately*)

So if you are looking for a commercial grade jockey box kit that will last a lifetime this is what you need.

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These jockey box kits include:

1 x Rotomoulded and High-Density PU Foam Insulated Cooler/Esky
2 x Pre-Drilled 5/8" Holes for the Shanks
2 x Pre-Drilled 8mm holes on the side for feeding liquid line in.

NOTE: You need to purchase a chill plate, plus all the other accessories like kegs separately.



PLEASE NOTE: If your kegs are cold and you are using CO2 to dispense please be aware that extended time at this elevated pressure might cause the beer to over carbonate.  If your kegs are ambient temp then this should not be an issue as the CO2 will not easily dissolve into warm beer.  If however you have cold kegs and dispensing at elevated pressures then you might want to consider dispensing with either straight nitrogen or CO2 and Nitrogen mixed gas.  Alternatively, if you are only dispensing at elevated pressures for a few hours this is not normally long enough to over carbonate the beer either.


Here is a video to show how to setup and use this kit:

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