Grain Bill Maker (grain only)

Welcome to our new grain bill maker software and hardware.  

This now utilises some automated weighing system that has specifically been designed to handle a large number of grain orders per day so we can get your order out faster and more efficiently.  The new grain weighing stations are also better sealed from the environment meaning your grain will stay fresher for longer.
We are still making further improvements to the design and we'd love your feedback. If you have any questions or advice you can shoot us an email at [email protected]
At the moment the grain weighing system has a minimum grain limit of 100grams per grain type so please do not order under 100grams.  The system weighs to an accuracy of +/- 50grams per grain.  In the coming months this minimum limit and tolerance will be reduced as we fine tune the hardware.
Hope you enjoy using our new grain system that will ensure your grains get to you faster, fresher, and more accurately weighed than traditional bins of grain scooped out by hand.
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