The included duotight bulkhead fitting makes fitting this thermowell easy.  Just drill the hole and fit the thermowell to your FermZilla/ KegMenter or other fermenter designs.

60cm Thermowell - 1/4inch Duotight Bulkhead Included

seal kit for the FermZilla/ Conical/ Best Value/ This fits the FermZilla fermenters/ uni tanks/ bright tanks and other vessels.  Although it looks the same it will not fit the Fermentasaurus as the size is larger.  Made from high quality engineering plast

FermZilla Conical - Seal Kit (Lid, Collection Container and Cone O-Ring)

FermZilla Conical - 55L Jacket

80% of 100

This jacket will keep your fermenter cold in summer and warm in winter.

For heating we recommend using a temp controller like this one:
MKII Temp Controller

And a heating belt like this one:
Heating Wrap Mat

For cooling you sam simply freeze some bottoles of water then put into the insulated bag and this will effectively cool down the fermenter.

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FermZilla Conical - 55L Jacket

This jacket is designed to insulate your FermZilla during the colder months to keep your fermentation at the optimun temperature. It can also be used with a heating belt/wrap to warm up the wort if the heat from the fermentation isn't enough.

Also completely blocks any light/UV to prevent light stuck beer.

To see the video on this product look below:

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