Series 4 Kegerator Starter Kits

You will be pouring your own ice cold beverage in next to no time with one of our Kegerator Kits.  All kits come with a heap of accessories, all you will need to get pouring is a keg of beer with couplers to suit and a CO2 gas bottle.

Choose from the following kits:

Single tap systems - The more popular commercial beer dispensing choice, designed for one 50L keg to be dispensed.

Double tap systems - To dispense two 19L ball locks (or pin lock kegs) at the same time and you will have room to fit a 2.6kg gas cylinder inside too. This gives a very tidy looking setup.

Triple tap systems - You can have three different beers or beverages on tap at the same time if using 19L ball lock or pin lock kegs.