Smooth beer pour from a KegLand kegs, showcasing the perfect balance of carbonation and head, capturing the essence of a refreshing and enjoyable drinking experience

KegLand PET Plastic One Way Kegs

KegLand has partnered with Talos to provide customers a sustainable one way keg option that maximisers shelf life and preserves the beer quality over time.  Unlike other one way kegs that have a permeable PET wall these Bag-In-Kegs have an impermeable laminated metal film to ensure no oxygen gets in and no CO2 loss occurs through the PET wall.


How to fill KegLand One Way Kegs - Using Filling Coupler

1. Sanitise the filling coupler with Superkill Ethanol Spray (KL05371)
2. Remove the dust cap from the keg and sanitise the spear head with Superkill Ethanol Spray (KL05371).
3. Place the keg upside down and connect the filling coupler to the keg valve.
4. Start filling the keg ensuring you have counter pressure inside the keg to prevent foaming inside the bag.
5. Disconnect the filling coupler once the keg has been filled. Turn the keg upright and weight the keg to confirm correct fill level.
6. Turn the keg upright and sanitise the keg spear head with Superkill Ethanol Spray (KL05371).
7. Place the snap cap/keg seal over the keg spear head.


KegLand Recycling Program

KegLand is committed to ensuring one way kegs are recycled in a responsible way.  KegLand one way kegs are more than 85% recyclable and compliant with ISO18604.  To ensure one way kegs are recycled it is the best practice is to take apart the kegs to separate the various different plastic types.  KegLand provide disassembly tools to do this efficiently.  If you are ongoing customer of KegLand and are likely to use one way kegs on an ongoing basis KegLand can provide the disassembly tools free of charge.  Once the kegs have been disassembled and separated into the different plastic types they are substantially easier to recycle which increases the recycling rates substantially.  KegLand also offer a free service whereby if you return the used keg to (KegLand 410 Princes Hwy, Noble Park North, VIC, 3174, Australia) us we will take apart the keg and ensure that at least 85% or more of the kegs are responsibly recycled.