Super Fast duoTAP Series 4 Draught Pack Kegerator- Double Tap - KegLand

Super Fast duoTAP Series 4 Draught Pack Kegerator- Double Tap - KegLand

Series X Kegerator Base Unit with Regulator / Drip Trays / Guard Rail / CO2 Bracket Holder - better than a keezer and fits 8 x corny kegs

Series X Plus - Kegerator Base Fridge with Regulator

Super Fast duoTAP New Series X Draught Pack Kegerator- Double Tap - KegLand

So you want a double tap system without breaking the bank, but also want the latest and greatest gear on the market.. KegLand can do both!

This Draught Pack is a One click option for the nitty gritty parts that often get missed.

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Series X Super Fast duoTAP Kegerator for Home Brew Kegs

Series X Base Model Kegerator that includes:
   1. MK4 KegLand Regulator with 8mm duotight fitting (KL06880)
   2. Black Plastic Wrap Around Drip Tray
   3. Castor Wheels + bolts
   4. CO2 Cylinder Holder (designed to suit 2.6kg gas cylinder)
   5. Chrome Plated Guard Rail
   6. Wire Shelf (included if you want to convert it back to a can/bottle fridge)
Please note: These items cannot be removed from the pack.

- Double Font Kit includes:
   1. Stainless Steel Font with gasket + mounting screw bolts
   2. duotight Compatible Short Shanks - with 6.5mm x 8mm duotight reducer(s)
   3. EVABarrier Beer and Gas Hosing + duotight tee splitters for gas (4mm x 8mm)
   4. Black Plastic Tap Handles
   5. 7 in 1 Tap Tool
Please note: These items cannot be removed from the font kit.

- State of the art NukaTap Stainless Steel Taps
Please note these do not come with Auto-Close Springs (sold separately)

Just add CO2 Tank and 19L or 9.5L Kegs sold seperately

Series X Dimensions
- 600mm Wide
- 650mm Deep
- 840mm Height (excluding castor wheels and the height of guard rail, drip tray or font)
- 890mm Height of the fridge part (including castor wheels but excluding the height of guard rail, drip tray or font)

If you are looking for wider versatility of tap handles, decal holders or other extras go to the Kegerator Builder that we have developed to fine-tune exactly what you want.



Other essential items brewers would have in their cleaning toolbox.
- StellarClean for cleaning hoppy Kegs of that oily residue.
- StellarOxy for cleaning PET Fermenters (FermZilla's)
- StellarSan for sanitising inside of kegs/FermZilla's (not suitable for outside contact with duotights)
- Ethyl Kill Sanitiser Spray - suitable for spraying duotights and any connection in which you want sterilised fast!
- 1 x KegLand Red Carbonation Cap for use with PET bottles to take samples or clean your product lines in the kegerator

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