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WLP4XXX - Hornindal Kveik

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WLP4XXX - Midbust Kveik

WLP4XXX - Lida Kveik

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WLP4XXX - Lida Kveik

This culture is a single strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae isolated from Samuel Lien’s house culture, which he received from Hans Øen around 1980. It exhibits a fermentation profile of apricot, stone fruit and white wine grape esters, with a balanced malt character coming through on the finish. A great culture to use when a balance of malt, hop and yeast character is desired.

Attenuation 75% - 82%
Flocculation HLow
Optimum Temperature 26.6°C - 35°C!!!

Use 1 vial per 19L of beer.
Select a strain/blend best suited for your fermentation. 
Store this vial in refrigerator, and remove 3-6 hours prior to use. 
Shake vial well to re-suspend, open cap carefully, add to 19L of aerated/oxygenated wort at 21C. Keep at this temperature until fermentation begins, and then change to desired fermentation temperature. 
One vial will usually start fermentation in 5-15 hours.
Wild yeast ,bacteria and blends may take longer.
The keys to a quick start to fermentation are good aeration / oxygenation and temperature of ~21C at all times until fermentation begins.
If the O.G. is over 1.070
If the yeast is past its 'best before' date
or if a faster start to fermentation is desired, a starter culture can be made.
Starters are not recommended with blends as the proportions of different organisms can be altered.
Best before date is 4 months after bottling.


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