The Benchy Portable Keg Dispenser is the easiest way to setup a draft system. No ice required just plug in the keg and power and be pouring beers instantly.

Benchy Glycol - Double Tap Glycol Keg Benchtop Dispenser - Stainless Steel

Benchy Sparkling, the self contained water chiller and carbonator. Connect mains water and CO2 supply and have continuous carbonated, chilled water in your glass.

Benchy Sparkling - Bench Top/Undercounter - Carbonator/ Chiller - Stainless Steel

Benchy Glycol - Portable Bench Top Keg Dispenser

The Benchy Portable Keg Dispenser is the easiest way to setup a draft system. No ice required just plug in the keg and power and be pouring beers instantly.
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Glycol - Portable Bench Top Keg Dispenser

Do you want a benchtop keg system that simply plugs into the wall, top up with water mixed with some glycol*, and is easy to use?  Benchy is the easy to use bench top keg dispenser that makes draft beer as easy as flipping a switch.  Perfect for weddings, catering or other functions where no complicated beer plumbing is necessary.

It is as easy as:
1. Plug into wall
2. Add 20% Glycol/Water Solution
3. Attach Kegs and Gas
4. Wait up to 1 hour for resevoir to cool.
5. Pour!

refer to the instruction manual for step-by-step how to.

Glycol Tank - This model has an efficiently sized glycol tank that cools down fast but also gives you a thermal mass so you can handle peak serving times.


Cooling Performance - The Benchy Glycol unit is able to chill about 20-30L of beer per hour.  This amount of beer consumption will ideally suit many bars/cafe domestic use.


Compact and Portable - Small enough to fit into the boot of a car, lift with one person and setup quickly in any bar, cafe, outdoor entertaining or functions.


NOTE: TAPS SOLD SEPARATELY. For the best performance we recommend either the Nukatap SS or Nukatap FC taps. This model has integrated tap shanks so most standard taps will fit directly to the front of the unit.




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Instruction Manual

To download the instruction sheet for this product click on the link below:

Benchy - Glycol - PDF Instruction Manual

Typical KegLand Set-Up Procedure for Beer:*
1. Fill with 16L or so of water and turn on unit, set to 2°C (test for leaks and cooling)
2. Attach the gas line to beverage dispensing lines, input 1.5x serving pressure and turn gas/pressurised air source off. (test for leaks) 
3. Remove 3.2L of water and replace with glycol. For a 20% solution mix. Verify mix via hydrometer/refractometer. (est. 1.015 SG at 21°C)
4. Hook up your beverage lines and set your dispensing pressure based off your ambient temperature and hose length-> refer to this handy carbonation chart after lines are balanced.

You can go down to the -2°C to -3°C mark with a 20% glycol mix, this is often common for floodable ice fonts. But if you require really cold beer above 4% ABV then dial down with glycol. If you choose to not use glycol, do not go below 1°C or risk freezing the reservoir and breaking the unit.

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