CO2 Cylinder - Refillable Gas Tanks

Grab yourself a premium CO2 gas bottle or a Elite MK4 regulator from Kegland today.

Gas bottles are easy to swap at many participating location throughout Australia.


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2.6kg CO2 Gas Cylinder (FULL) - KegLand2.6kg CO2 Gas Cylinder (FULL) - KegLand
Sale price$69.00
6kg CO2 Gas Cylinder (FULL) - KegLand6kg CO2 Gas Cylinder (FULL) - KegLand
Sale price$119.00
450g (0.6L) CO2 KegLand Branded Sodastream Compatible Cylinder - KegLand450g (0.6L) CO2 KegLand Branded Sodastream Compatible Cylinder - KegLand
Sale price$21.95
CO2 Cylinder Valve (with RPV) - KegLandCO2 Cylinder Valve (with RPV) - KegLand
Sale price$25.95

Premium Quality CO2 Cylinders:

Each CO2 cylinder in our collection is a testament to quality and functionality. Whether you're dispensing, carbonating, or both, our range ensures efficient beer delivery.

Available in 2.6kg and 6kg

Key Features:

  • Australian Standard Approved: Each CO2 cylinder meets rigorous quality standards.
  • Versatile Threads: Designed for a secure and stable fit with most setups.
  • Ergonomic Design: Built for ease of use and transport, ensuring brewing is hassle-free.
  • Refilling Made Easy: With a myriad of refill options available Australia-wide, including on-the-spot service or swap-and-go mechanisms.

Safety First:

Our cylinders come with an approved lifespan, ensuring they remain reliable. Post this lifespan, for user and filler safety, hydrostatic testing is essential. This service is widely available at certified stations or through KegLand's exchange program.