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Experience pizza perfection with our Caputo Flour selection. Crafted with care, Caputo flour guarantees outstanding pizza dough every time. Create unforgettable homemade pizzas with Italy's finest.


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Craft Perfect Pizzas

With Caputo flour in hand, you'll be creating restaurant-quality pizzas in no time. The collection includes gluten-free options too, so everyone can enjoy a slice of the action.

Pizza flour Trusted by Pizza Pros

Discover the secret to perfect pizza dough with Caputo flour. Made with high-quality ingredients and a meticulous milling process, Caputo flour ensures consistent and outstanding results. Experience the magic of Italy's finest flour in every bite and become a pizza maestro in your kitchen!

Type 00 Flour:

Type 00 flour is a finely milled Italian flour that is exceptionally smooth and powdery in texture. It is made from soft wheat varieties, which have a lower protein content compared to hard wheat. The "00" in the name refers to the milling grade, indicating its fine grind.

Key features of Type 00 flour:

  • Fine Texture: Type 00 flour has a fine texture, making it ideal for delicate doughs like pizza and pasta.
  • Low Protein Content: With a protein content ranging from 9% to 11%, Type 00 flour produces a softer, more tender crust in pizza dough.
  • High Gluten Absorption: It has good gluten-forming properties, allowing it to absorb moisture and create elastic doughs that are easy to work with.
  • Fast-Rising: Type 00 flour tends to ferment quickly, making it suitable for recipes that require shorter rising times.