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KegLand, a land of stainless steel where everything is on tap! We have all your beer brewing and keg dispensing essentials available.  If you are looking for the best deal on Kegerators, glycol chillers, home brew equipment, all grain brewing hardware then you will be right at home.  Join us on our quest to discover, create and dispense beverage perfection.  We will help you harness the power of kegs where the seemingly endless flow of good times originates and with every pour from the faucet our bond between man and beverage grows stronger.

Duotight and John Guest Fittings
KegLand was recently contacted by John Guest regarding our duotight fittings and the video that we put up online.  John Guest have put together this statement that they would like us to put on our website which we have agreed to:

"KegLand recently made representations that were critical of John Guest products. Those representations are unreservedly withdrawn."


600L (6HL) Brewhouse - Micro Brewery

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