The Quench/Polish/Quench process, and why you should care.

The Quench/Polish/Quench process, and why you should care.

SInce the introduction of the Black NukaTap in veraious iterations, it has fast become a KegLand favourite due to the fact that it looks simpoly awesome. Sleek. Dark. Saucy. There's no doubt that a black Nukatap on a matching black font lifts the appearance of any kegerator or countertop!

But, until now, that same black finsh can cause issues. At KegLand, we have observed a decrease in hand/eye coordination after several just one or two beers. This, coupled with a even a high quality black coating, can lead to your beautiful black NukaTaps suffering from a wee bit of marring.

Never fear! We got you!

Introducing the next generation of the famous KegLand NukaTap Stealth Bomber - Generation 2.

The same low thermal mass, forward facing design that makes this range of taps amonsgst the best on the market, coupled with a sophisticated new hardening process. Could this be the best NukaTap ever?

The Quench Polish Quench process is quite specialised. It is a form of  nitrocarburizing case hardening specifically designed to increase wear resistance, corrosion resistance and durability. Often used in industries for parts that are subject to harsh operating environments, it is perfect for the dangerous space that is your bar or garage!

Briefly, the taps undergo a quenching step - heated to high temperatures and then rapidly cooled (quenched). This rapid cooling hardens the steel, increasing its strength and hardness.

Next, they are polished through gentle abrasion to eliminate and surface imperfections. This improves the surface finish and removes any imperfections created during the quenching process.

Last, they are quenched again to further enhance the hardness and to introduce compressive stress into the surface layer. This additional quenching step helps to increase the NukaTap's resistance to wear, fatigue and the occasional drunken stumble!

Look, in all honesty this might be considered overkill for a simple beer tap. But at KegLand we are comitted to a process of continuos product improvement. This is simply the latest example of this.

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