Kegland Fathers Day - Brewing gift ideas for Dad

Kegland Fathers Day - Brewing gift ideas for Dad - KegLand

Father’s day’s quickly approaching and Dad loves beer…you’ve come to the right place. Luckily we’ve also got some of the speediest delivery services available. So whether you’re a Dad making a wish list (did you know the website has one?) or looking for something for your Dad, we’ve got you covered.

Beginner’s Starter Kit

If Dad’s new to brewing or wants to get started, there are a couple of great options to get him going. Take a look at the Beginner’s Starter Kit. This is a basic kit that includes a fermenter with most of the measuring and bottling equipment. This doesn’t include any bottles or ingredients though, so also hook him up with a recipe kit(see below) and some priming sugar. He’ll have plenty of time to look for bottles while his very first beer is fermenting!

Flat bottom starter kit


For the brewer who’s not quite ready for all-grain but still wants to step up their recipes and get away from basic beers, we have an extensive range of Kegland extract recipe kits. These kits are really just a convenient way to buy the right combination of ingredients to make awesome beers. It’s as easy as picking one that you think he’ll like and it’ll show you all the bits to add to your cart. There’s also a large range of tinned kits here.

Kegland Recipe Kits


Of course if the old man already has a few brews under his belt the beginner’s pack could be a bit basic. You can always look at our more serious pressure-fermenting Fermzilla Unitank models and the Fermzilla 27L is a great option that’ll take his beers up a notch. He may have been brewing for a while but these are a pretty new innovation for home brewing that will allow him to brew cleaner, better beers in a shorter amount of time. Don’t forget the pressure kit.

55L FermZilla and diptube

If your Dad already loves to brew, then that means he loves a gadget and there’s an absolute tonne of brewing gadgets that’ll make him giddy this Father’s Day.

Kegland pH Meter

Check out the Kegland pH Meter. Unbelieveable value and a great price-point for Father’s Day. This will let him check the acidity of his brews so they’re just right. It’s also a must-have if he ever wants to try his hand at making sour beers.

pH meter


Another absolutely essential gadget at a great Father’s day price-point is the refractometer. This thing only needs a couple of drops to take a measurement of your beer before it’s fermented. Recommended for all-grain brewers or wine makers, this one comes with an LED light and temperature compensation at an unbeatable price. Get it here.


eGift Cards

If you’d rather let him decide you can always use the streamlined eGift Cards which we offer at different denominations and can be emailed with a personal message. This can also be printed off if you want to slip it under his coffee for breakfast in bed.

egift card

Oxygenating Wand Kit

There’s an old brewing adage that “we make the wort but yeast makes the beer”. Well almost all yeasts need oxygen to make better beer no matter how the wort was made, be it from kits or grain. This oxygen wand kit has everything you need to properly oxygenate your wort just prior to pitching your yeast to ensure fermentation in the very best conditions.

oxygenation wand kit

BrewFather Subscription

If you haven’t seen Dad proudly showing off the technical parameters for the beer he’s planning then he probably isn’t using brewing software yet. In my opinion this is easily the most game-changing aspect to modern homebrewing that lets you design beers, do brewing calculations, share recipes and even keep an inventory of ingredients like a pro. Heaps of us have started using BrewFather, famed for its simplicity and power. Get him a one year subscription and it’ll change his whole outlook on brewing.



The great thing about home brewing is that there’s so many entry-points and you can go as deep as you ever care to. Once one aspect of Dad’s beer’s been mastered there’s always another technique to learn or process to improve. We haven’t even scratched the surface of the thousands of products we have to help you or your Dad on your brewing journey, but these ones will definitely be a hit. If he’s just starting out, tell him to head over to the Kegland Home Brew Community Group Facebook page where there’s a lively community to answer questions and chat. Happy Father’s Day fellas!

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