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Chillout Threaded MKIV - Counterflow Chiller - 30 Plate Heat Exchanger

The 30 Plate Stainless Heat Exchanger (Counter Flow Plate Chiller) are beautifully made with 1/2" BSP threads to allow a wider range of fittings to be used.
For your water supply, we would suggest attaching the 1/2" to Garden Hose fittings, and Male to Female Camlocks for your hot wort side.
They come fully polished made from stainless steel and braised together with copper.

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Chillout Threaded MKIV - Counterflow Chiller - 30 Plate Heat Exchanger

The Chillout MKIV, now with new and improved male 1/2" threaded posts is the fastest way to chill your wort to yeast pitching temperature to get your fermentation off to a quick healthy start.

The Chillout is made from stainless steel and brazed together with pure copper. It also has ripples up and down each plate. This creates more surface area and improves heat transfer.

To clean connect water to supply to the port where your wort was coming out and backflush the unit for a few minutes to ensure that any residue has been completely washed out.

Remember to sanitise either with boiling wort, or a short flush with StellarSan before use. Do not clean with StellarSoda or leave Phosphoric Acid based sanitisers left to store inside the plate chiller.


Dimensions: 315mm x 73mm x 51mm (not including barbs)

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