Crystal8 Industrial Glycol Chiller - 9.1kW Cooling Power - Suits Large Brewery

Crystal8 - 9.1kw Industrial Glycol Chiller-380v - Three Phase

Crystal8 - 23kw Industrial Glycol Chiller- 380v - Three Phase

This compact yet powerful chiller is suited to any larger brewery that needs large cooling capacity while still ensuring highly efficient electrical efficiency boasting coefficient of performance greater than x3. This unit has low ongoing maintenance and is built with high level of reliability.

Suitable for cooling conical fermenters, bright beer tanks, or many other wine/beverage tanks.

Also can be used as a coolroom chiller or for many other industrial applications.

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This compact yet powerful chiller is powerful enough to cool approximately 13-14 x 600L Conical Fermenter Tanks and Crash Chill them if necessary while still having enough cooling power up the sleeve for some other applications too.

It's designed with an inbuilt stainless glycol cooling tank however for a larger brewery you might want to consider additional external cold tanks of glycol solution.

Made from Danfoss and Emerson components for maximum reliability.

Cooling Capacity: 23kW
Power: 20amp Three Phase
Power: 7.9kW
Integrated Tank Volume: 100L
Input/Output Fittings: DN25
Pump: Stainless centrifugal pump, Max Head 25meters
Refrigerant: R407C - 4.6kg
Noise Level: 64dB
Dimensions: 1500 x 720 x 1325
Weight: 280kg (dry)


- Stainless glycol/water pump
- Colour touch screen with in depth diagnostics
- High efficiency copper shell and tube evaporator
- High efficiency hydrophilic aluminium fin condenser
- Made from rust resistant components
- Integrated stainless steel glycol tank
- Quiet operation
- Electrically efficient
- Shilin branded electrical components
- Reliable

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