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GRAIN BILL is available to buy in increments of 1

PLEASE NOTE: The grains you select come in one bag, ready for brew day. 
If you require multiple grains separately weighed out. You will need to make multiple grain bills.

When adding the quantities, if you are after 250 grams then put 0.25 for if you would like 3 kg then put 3.

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GRAIN BILL is available to buy in increments of 1
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KegLand Online Grain Bill Maker - Ships Australia Wide - Malt

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    The system is incredibly accurate and rules out human error, but just to be sure, we are manually weighing each and every grain dispensed just to be doubly certain.
    Hope you enjoy using our new grain system that will ensure your grains get to you faster, fresher, and more accurately weighed than traditional bins of grain scooped out by hand.

    By default, the grains you select here will come in one bag ready for brew day. Just tick the boxes of the grains you want, add the quantities then select if you would like that milled or unmilled. When adding the quantities, if you are after 250 grams then put 0.25. If you would like 3 kg then put 3.0.
    You can also order the grain in separate bags (handy for specialty malts or if you haven't made your exact recipe yet), but due to the extra labour involved and bags used, this naturally costs a little bit extra.

    MOST times we are able to get pickup orders packed within an hour or so, but it's best to wait for the pickup ready confirmation email just to be sure. If you plan to brew on the weekend, please bear in mind we are not open on weekends, so you will need to place your order for pickup as early as you can Friday. To be extra sure your grain will be ready on time, please allow 24hrs for grain order to be ready for collection.

    If you are having trouble seeing more than 1 or 2 digits when entering your quantities hit CTRL and F5 then you will be able to see the decimal places.

    If you are unable to enter amounts lesser than 1.0kg, try entering 1.0kg more than you want and then change the "1" to "0".

    Want your grain milled a certain way? We mill our grain using the highest quality mill possible. By default, our grain will come with a crush for best filtration and lauterability, meaning the hulls will be mostly intact and the inside's broken into a few pieces. This is perfect for those with recirculating systems such as Robobrews, Brewzilla's, Grainfather's, HERM's, RIMS where stuck-mashes and low mash bed flow needs to be avoided. This crush also works great for your standard
    If you would like your grain milled extra-fine for BIAB, we can do that by request, just call us up immediatelty after ordering so we can get the mill operator to do that for you before he starts filling your order.

    Looking for advice on your next grain bill or recipe? Need to substitute a grain? Feel free to email or call to speak to one of our very experienced staff for assistance (most are award-winning brewers!).

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