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1m Helix Coil and Tee (304 Stainless) - False Bottom Replacement for Mash, Lauter, Kettle

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Can be used on multiple different three vessel, two vessel or single vessel brewery systems.


304 Grade Stainless Steel
1 meter in length
1.5mm wire diameter
18.5mm ID (to suit 1/2inch fittings such as the included 1/2 tee piece)

Out of Stock

These stainless steel helixes are one meter long and can be applied in multiple brewing setups.

Generally, the helix can used as a replacement for a false bottom in a mash tun. Brewers also use the helix as a replacement for the bazooka screen or can be put on the pick up tube for the bottom of the kettle in a 20-50L brewery setup.

The helix attaches to the brewery system’s ball valve with a half inch stainless steel T-piece where it will thread directly into the female threading of the fittings. The helix will work to filter trub and particulate matter from the kettle while also helping to pick up wort from just underneath the ball valve opening.

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