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4000W Power Station 240V - Power Controller

MKII - Temperature Controller (Heat & Cool) [4mm Probe for Distillation]

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The MKII Temperature controller is an absolute essential device for homebrewers looking to control all parts of the heating and cooling in the brewing or distilling process. 

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MKII - Temperature Controller (Heat & Cool) [NEW 4mm Probe for Distillation]

The MKII Temperature controller is an absolute essential device for homebrewers looking to control all parts of the heating and cooling in the brewing process. Control the power of your 2200w elements and cooling devices like a fermentation fridge.
This device will allow you to program step mash temperatures and general control of your HLT/Mash Tun or Boiler. Complete plug and play with whatever application you wish to use it for.

Like controling the fermentation temperature of your fermenter using a heat belt and a fridge. With programmable temperature profile integration. Set a step fermentation profile to raise the temp near the end of fermentation, or slowly reduce your cold crash gradually to not shock the yeast. This can all be done without the need to go to your temperature controller and manually change it everytime. Set & forget!

or if you're a distiller. Automate your distilling process with our distillation control feature. Sit back and relax!

- High accuracy 0.1 degree C.
- Dual AU sockets so you can control heating and cooling devices with the one device.
- Made with 30amp cooling relay (for fridges which can draw large amounts of power when turning on after a while) and 10amp heating relays. Rated for use with 10amp appliances.
- Works from -45C up to 120C
- Comes with fully waterproof probe so you can immerse the probe in water.
- Manufactured in compliance with Australian Standards

For Distillation:
This temperature controller can be used to automate your reflux still.  Our AlcoEngine Reflux Still and AlcoEngine Pot Still can be purchased here: 

AlcoEngine Reflux Pure Distilling Distillation Aparatus

AlcoEngine Pot Still Distilling Distillation Aparatus

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