KL05371 - Ethyl Sanitiser Spray 70% Medical Grade Ethanol + Distilled Water

Super Kill Ethyl Sanitiser Spray 1000mL (Ethanol, Alcohol)

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StellarOxy - 100% Sodium Percarbonate (1kg 35oz)

100ml Iodophor - Iodine Sanitising, Non Rinse Sanitiser, Mash Conversion Check

80% of 100

Great value and popular sanitiser used by many home brewers. Also dual purpose as it can be used for testing conversion of your mash too.

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Iodophor is a very effective sanitizer and, unlike bleach, can safely be used as a no-rinse sanitizer without adversely affecting the flavor of your beer. 

Iodophor is a preparation containing iodine with a solubilizing (water soluble) agent.

Suitable for sanitising brewing and winemaking equipment, glassware, bar (keg) equipment, restaurant equipment etc

This product is a final rinse contact sanitizer (it is not a cleaner) ONLY if used in proper dilution rates can it be left as a no rinse sanitiser, however if left on plastics it can leave brown stains.  If you are looking for a non-rinse steriliser that doesnt stain and is also great for your stainless then you should also try our Stellarsan Sanitiser.

For home brewers recommend dilution rate is 1 teaspoon per 6 liters of water. Can be used in a spray bottle so you can use it as a surface sanitiser also.

NOTE: Iodophor is toxic to yeast so should be rinsed off any equipment where yeast fermentation is present.

Iodine is also a useful product to have around to check conversion of your mash. So if you are unsure if you have converted your starches into sugars you can also use this Iodine solution for this application.  If you look at the video below it will show you how this is done:

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