KL07511 - 20L Cube for Hot Cube - Wort Storage

20L Cube for Hot Cube - Wort Storage / Low Wines / Stripping Run

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Set the scene..
You have a free weekend/weeknight to brew, BUT your fermenter is full. What..do..you..do?

Hot Cube it. The answers to your prayers. Have a homemade wort kit ready for action! If you have the need to brew, but maybe want to hold off on fermenting just yet, just hot cube it.
Made a double batch but want to save half for experimenting with different yeast or dry hopping.  Hot Cube it! 

Too lazy to run a wort chiller coil or through a heat exchanger, Hot Cube It

Too cheap for any the equipment I just said above, Hot Cube it!

Still reading? 
...*whisper* hot cuuuube it

In Stock

20L Cube for Hot Cube - Wort Storage / Low Wines / Stripping Run

High-Density Polyethylene.
- Nominal 20L Capacity (23L to the absolute brim - just right for no-chill!)
- 100% Food Grade.
- BPA Free.
- Strong Carry handle.
- Thick walled for rigidity under high temperatures.
- Ideal for brewers hot cubing with boiling wort.
- Alternative to glass low wine storage for distillers.
- Comes with lid with food grade washer.
- Made in Australia!
- Sealed at the bottom for easier cleaning/re-use.

Please note these may not have a drilled out bung hole. This can easily be done at home if not.

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