Titanium Coated Step/ stepped Drill Bit/ HSS/ for Metal/ Wood and Plastic 4-22mm hole size

Self-Starting HSS Step/Stepped Drill Bit 4-22mm - Titanium Nitride Coated

Sheet steel/ stainless steel/ hole punch/ slugbuster/ knockout punch/ punch and die set/ hole punch/ punch and die set.

22mm Hole Punch, Knockout Die and Punch Set, Slugbuster

20mm Hole Punch, Knockout Die and Punch Set, Slugbuster

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This particular hole punch set is for the 20mm hole punch.

To use this type of hole punch you simply use a drill but such as this stepped drill bit to drill a pilot hole.

Place bolt through hole.

Attach die and punch together from punch kit.

Use ring spanner to tighten bolt.

Keep tightening the bolt until you hear the click sound of the punch passing through the steel.

Remove the asselbly from the hole and screw the die and punch set apart.

Throw away the slug

Admire the perfectly clean hole that you have just made in the sheet metal.  No further filing or cleaning up of the hole is required.

We do sell three different sizes of hole punch:

KL10825 - 20mm - This is the ideal size for 1/2" holes for ball valves, brewery builds etc.

KL10832 - 22mm - This is the perfect size for 5/8" holes for tap shanks and other brewery gear.  Making kegerators or holes through fridge doors.

KL10849 - 32mm - This is the perfect size for the 2200watt Stainless stick heating elements that we sell.

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These fantastic hole punches are great for making really clean holes that are free of burrs.  The holes made with this type of punch are significantly better than a hole made with a carbide drill bit or many other hole saws.  These produce clean holes and can be used in mild sheet steel up to 3mm thick or stainlesss steel up to about 1.5mm thick.

If you are looking for a really easy way to make really clean holes this is the best product for the job.

Here is a video for a similar type of hole punch:

Below is another video showing you how to use this style of hole punch:

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