Diverter Valve 1/4 inch for reverse osmosis filter system - front angle view


NEW duotight Ball Lock Black/Liquid Disconnect is more realible and easier to connect/disconnect from beer and gas line.  Put simply it's the best home brew/craft brewing quick disconnect every manufactured.

duotight 8mm (5/16") x Ball Lock Disconnect (Black + Yellow/Liquid)

2L Ball Lock Keg - with Corny Keg Lid

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This small sized ball lock keg can either be used as a homebrew part keg growler, or used in an instant soda water system with some adjustments. (Soda Reactor Corny Sized Lid)

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2L Ball Lock Keg with Corny Keg Lid and Metal Handle (152mm x 252mm)

The KegLand 2000mL Ball Lock Keg is the smallest Cornelius keg lid capable ball lock keg to date. Primarily designed for a compact carbonating reservoir for soda water systems. It can of course be used as a more homebrew-styled portable party keg growler.

For more details on how to set this up as a carbonating soda water dispenser please see the manual here -> Carbonating Soda Reactor Lid.

The other main difference between this keg and the Mini Keg range is that it comes with a rigid stainless steel gas and liquid dip tube (Please see internal photo). Meaning it cannot be used on its side without configuring a floating dip tube. To do this and not cut down the internal dip tube preventing re-saleability, we would suggest swapping the lid out for one of these -> The Corny Floater.


152mm  wide x 252mm to the handle.
231mm to the top of the ball lock posts. If using a machined ball lock disconnect the height would be approximately 273mm.

When using a soda reactor lid. The height including a machined ball lock disconnect would be 297mm


Neoprene Jacket - Coming Soon
5 Year Warranty!



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Instruction Manual

For Soda Reactor Instruction manuals please visit the More Information Tab on the Continuos Soda Water Product Page Here.

Quick Links:

To download the instruction sheet on how to use the Carbonation Reactor Lid click on the link below:

PDF Instruction Sheet for Carbonation Reactor Keg Lid

To identify and fix a leak on the Carbonation Reactor Keg Lid then follow the instructions on the link below:

PDF Instruction Sheet for Fixing a Leaking Carbonation Reactor Keg Lid

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