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Fermentasaurus 1 - Replacement Lid Seal

Genuine Fermentasaurus Gen1 - Butterfly Dump Valve Assembly

Genuine Fermentasaurus Gen1 - Butterfly Dump Valve Assembly

304 Stainless Steel - Auto Siphon Racking Cane Easy Jiggler

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57cm Long (22.5inches)
Stainless tube 14mm OD x 12mm ID
1.5meters (60inches) x 10mm ID Silicone Tube
Glass Jiggler

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For siphoning out of a carboy, demijohn or bucket or FermZilla.  This siphon includes the 150cm x 10mm ID Silicone Tube.

This whole assembly is plasticiser and BPA free.  It will not break like the plastic auto siphons or polycarbonate designs. 

It's made robust out of 304 grade stainless steel and is really easy to take apart for cleaning.  It's more versatile than a conventaional racking cane and easier to start but at the same time similarly simple to use and clean.

Forget about fermenter taps and use a siphon.  Threaded fermenter taps are hard to clean and sanitise so having a fermenter without a tap is often the best choice, and to get the beverage out of the fermenter without a tap this siphon is the natural choice.

1: Sanitize and rinse your siphon
2: Make sure you have the full vessel significantly above the empty vessel you are filling into
3: Attach the curved siphon to the hose
4: Submerge the end of siphon into your full container.
5: With long swift strokes shake the siphone tube up and down to start the siphon action

Have a look at the video for more info:

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