This simple technique is the most consistent & controlled way to force your Homebrew keg to carbonize. It also offers you the opportunity to dial in the different rates of carbonation ideally suited to particular beer styles.


Step by Step


Step 1: Cool the beer down to serving temperature in your keg (2-6c)

Step 2: Set the regulator down to 10-12psi


Step 3: Connect Gas to Post 'Gas In'


Step 4: Leave the keg for somewhere from 7-14 days to sit under pressure in the fridge.


Step 5: Connect your tap line onto your 'liquid out' post after the 7-14-day period.


Step 6: Test for determining levels of carbonation. If it is still under carbonated, leave to sit and re-evaluate for a further 24 hours.


Step 7: Once you are happy with your carbonation levels, turn back to serving pressure (8-10psi) with your regulator. Pour & Enjoy!



Dial in the Carbonation


In addition to the set & forget method discussed above, you also have the flexibility to dial accurately in your carbonation levels to suit a particular beer style.

You should be able to calculate the specific psi level needed to carbonate your beer to an exact amount using the method discussed below.


Step by Step


Step 1: You need to first find out what co2 levels are expected for the style you 're carbonating.

Below is a checklist for carbonation on which you can work:

British Styled Ales: Volumes 1.5-2.0

American-style ales: volumes 2.0-2.7

Belgian Styled Ales: Volumes 2.4-3.0


Choose a level of carbonation that matches the carbonation guidelines set out above.


Step 2: Now it's time to refer to a carbon diagram to determine what level of psi is needed to carbonize your beer to the level chosen.

First: Find the temperature at which your beer actually sits on the graph.

Second: Work your way through the chart until you cross your target carbonation level.

Third: Work your way up straight now to decide what psi is required for carbonation.


Step 3: Set your regulator to the psi as calculated in the section above. Leave for 7-14 days.


Serve & Enjoy!