A growler is a device for filling off your draft system so you can take beer with you to a party/ BBQ or other event.  Its easy to use/ fill/ clean and operate.  Just fill/ pour/ drink!

Black Plastic Cap for Glass Growler

Bucket Blaster Keg and Fermenter Washer - CIP Cleaning System - Mark II

Bucket Blaster Keg and Fermenter Washer Kit

Box of Steel Tin Coated Cans - Ring Pull / Pull Tab / Easy Open - Box of 100

100% of 100

Tin plated steel cans are a robust packaging type made of thin metal.  These easy open ring pull ends do not require can opener.  Just lift the ring pull and tear off the lid of the can.  These can's are suitable for a diverse range of food or non-food products such as meat, beverages, oil, chemicals, fruit, vegetables.

Steel cans are stronger than cartons or plastic and less fragile than glass.  They protect the product in transit and prevent leackage or loss due to the robustness of the container.  Steel cans are 100% barrier protection against light, water and air and this unique barrier properties protects the contents and often increases the shelf life allowing longer used-by dates and reducing waste.

Cans are the most tamper-evident type of closure of all packaging types.

Steel is a permanent material and can be recycled without loss of quality.  Steel is the worlds most recycled material and it's easy to sort due to it's magnetic nature.  When tin cans are recycled they are a very environmentally efficient form of packaging relatively speaking.  Please place your used cans in the recycling.  Evey can that you put into recycling will save the equivalent power for one load of laundry or 24hrs of lighting (with 10w LED bulb).

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Height: 116mm
Volume: 930ml
Material: Tin Plated Steel
Lid Type: Easy Open Ring Pull Lid
Internal Coating: Food grade epoxy coating


In order to use these types of cans you will have to purchase the Semi-Auto Canning Machine and also the 100mm Chuck.


This is for a box of 100 cans

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