Mini Core 360 Adaptor for 74gram Cartridge/Bulb (CGA320 Male x 5/8-18UNF Female)

Mini Core 360 Adaptor for 74gram Cartridge/Bulb (G1/2 Male x 5/8-18UNF Female)

Digital Illuminated Mini Gauge 0-90psi (0-6.2bar) - duotight 8mm 5/16 Stem

Digital Illuminated Mini Gauge 0-90psi (0-6.2bar) - duotight 8mm 5/16 Stem

Digital Illuminated Mini Gauge 0-90psi (0-6.2bar)

Worlds most compact digital mini gauge with back light display. This accurate and robust gauge fits into a small form factory making it idea for mini keg systems, regulators and other pressure applications.

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Traditional analogue gauges require a small capiliary mechanism where a small pipe expands and unravels under pressure. This in turn drives a mechanical cog to rotate the gauge needle.  This age old technique works quite well especially in large gauges but as this mechanism is manufactured smaller and smaller a tradeoff between accuracy and size becomes the issue.  With very small gauges such as a 27mm x 27mm Mini Gauge it's difficult to make them better than 10% accuracy due to the physical constrints of the mechanical coponents.

KegLand has developed the worlds most compact mini digital gauge with backlight illumination. This very compact design retains high accuracy while still meeting the desirable small form factor.  This meets the growing need as mini keg systems, mini regulators and other more compact keg dispensing solutions is required.

NOTE: This gauge is not suitable for measuring pressure of liquids.  It is only for measuring gas pressure.

If you want an analogue alternative you can purchase one of these less expensive alalogue gauges:

KL14984 - Mini Gauge 0-15psi
KL14991 - Mini Gauge 0-30psi
KL15004 - Mini Gauge 0-60psi
KL15011 - Mini Gauge 0-150psi

This digital mini gauge can be used to upgrade your:
Blowtie Spunding Valve
Mini Inline Regulator
Core 360 Mini Regulator


If you would like to use the mini gauge to attach to other hobbie projects then you should consider the Duotight Compatible Digital Mini Gauge with part number KL18081 that has the 8mm duotight push in stem.  This makes it easy to fit to other 8mm duotight fittings, tubing etc.

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