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Stainless Steel Gauge Guard for MK4 Regulator (Bump Guard)

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To protect what aids in carbonating & dispensing your kegs, or prevents you from getting a refill from a leak caused by a drop, bash or bludgeoning from a broken regulator gauge. We truly recommend buying one of our heavy duty 304 stainless steel reinforced MK4 Regulator Bump Guards. 

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Stainless Steel Gauge Guard for MK4 Regulator (Bump Guard)

Are you like us and bump and push in your Keg Master too hard up against the wall with the gas bottle on the back, maybe you've broken a dial in the process of dropping or transporting your gas bottle with the regulator attached. Or perhaps you're in a busy cafe/bar and someone needs to change over the tank and they drop the regulator, smashing the dial. That's money wasted and time spent without whats on tap.

If you're like us then you need our tough stainless steel regulator bump, bash, smush & drop (within reason)  guard protector.

Designed and built by those who are tired of replacing gauge and getting refills for a simple accident.

Unlike most Gauge Guards/Gauge Cages this particular design is made completely from one piece of 304 stainless steel so it wont rust over time.

- Protect your regulator Gauges from accidents.

- Extremely useful for portable systems.

- Fits the MK4 like a glove

- 304 stainless steel

- Easy to fit in less than 3 minutes

- Made with really thick 3mm stainless plate

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