450gram Sodastream Compatible Refillable Gas Cylinder for CO2 or Nitrogen

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Want to know where you can get refills of our CO2 Gas cylinders?  Look at our distributors map here:
https://www.kegland.com.au/distributor/Every month we have more new refill stations added to the map.  If you hear of any that are not on this map just let us know and we will also add them to this map.

- Australian Standard Approved
- Holds 450grams of CO2 when full
- G1/2 Thread
- Dimensions 37cm high x 6cm diameter

To download a copy of the MSDS for this product click on the link below:
CO2 Gas Cylinder MSDS PDF

Nitrogen or CO2 Gas Cylinders 450grams - Full

Our 450gram gas cylinders come full of CO2 and are ready to use.  This tank is able to carbonate and dispense about 60L.  Similar brands of cylinders are sold as 60L cylinders for this reason. If you are only using it to dispense beer not carbonate then you will get about 100L.


These are fantastic value.  The cost of the cylinder full of gas is similar to the cost of a refill of a Sodastream type cylinder. So as a result, even if you used this cylinder as a disposable it would still make a lot of sense.


This cylinder comes with CO2.  With that said the same cylinder can also be filled with Nitrogen.  KegLand does not refill nitrogen at this stage. 

- Australian Standard Approved
- Holds 450grams of CO2 when full
- G1/2 Thread
- Dimensions 37cm high x 6cm diameter

Empty cylinders can be refilled by many homebrew stores around Australia.  Come to KegLand Distribution in Springvale and we will swap a full one for $15.

These cylinders come with a 10 year life span before you need to re-hydro test this cylinder. After this time for CO2 fillers to be able to fill your bottle, you will need to get it hydro statically tested for your safety and theirs while filling it for you.


Need a bigger tank?
If you are looking for a CO2 with a higher capacity, please see our 6kg CO2 Gas Bottle - Full.
The 6kg can dispense up to 1000L and carbonate and dispense up to 500L of beer.
(Typically 6g of CO2 used per L to dispense. Or 12g of CO2 to carbonate and dispense)
Do you want to use this on a conventional regulator?
If you want to use this cylinder on a conventional regulator you will need to get the sodastream adaptor that you can find here.  If you want a much better quality deluxe sodastream adaptor we recommend you get this one.


Do you want to fill these yourself?
We do sell a refilling adaptor so you can fill these gas cylinders from a larger cylinder.  If you want to do this you can see this product here.  This is the most economical way to do sodastream cylinder refills yourself at home.

It is important to refill the bottle only when completely empty. Avoid over-filling by weighing the bottle before and after refilling. 


Its VITAL that you read this instruction sheet showing you how to attach this to your Sodastream Cylinder

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