Series X Kegerator Base Unit with Regulator / Drip Trays / Guard Rail / CO2 Bracket Holder - better than a keezer and fits 8 x corny kegs

Series X Plus - Kegerator Base Fridge with Regulator

Series X Kegerator - Fridge Only

Series X Kegerator - Fridge Only

Series X - Kegerator Base Fridge with Regulator

100% of 100

This new kegerator model is a big step up from the older Series 4 model.  This new Series X has several major advancements:

  1. It is 10% more power efficient
  2. 15% faster cooling and better cooling in hotter climates
  3. Thicker walls for improved insutation
  4. FITS 4 CORNY KEGS (purchased separately)


This includes:

  1. Kegerator Main Body
  2. MK4 KegLand Regulator with 8mm duotight fitting (KL06880)
  3. Wire Shelf
  4. Black Plastic Wrap Around Drip Tray
  5. Castor Wheels
  6. CO2 Cylinder Holder (designed to suit 2.6kg gas cylinder)
  7. Chrome Plated Guard Rail

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If you want a full kegerator package you will need a FONT PACK, TAPS, CONNECTION PACK, GAS CYLINDER and KEGS.

FONT PACK - you will need one of these 4 different font options
a) Single Tap Font Kit
b) Double Tap Font Kit
c) Triple Tap Font Kit
d) Quadruple (Four) - 4 Tap Font Kit


We highly recommend options a-d as these will generally give you the best results.
a) NukaTap Stainless Steel
b) NukaTap Stainless Steel - Black - Stealth Bomber
c) NukaTap Stainless Steel - Black - Punisher Edition
d) NukaTap Raw Stainless - Limited Edition
b) NukaTap Stainless Steel Flow Control


CONNECTION PACK - this is the different connection types to fit the various different kegs that exist in Australia
a) A-type Keg Coupler (If you are using a 50L A-type Keg you will also need a low profile elbow bend)
b) D-type Keg Coupler
c) Liquid and Gas Ball Lock Fittings (you will need 1 gas and 1 liquid for each tap) with duotight MFL fitting to easily attach your line to these fittings.


For beer you will most likely want to get option a) or b) however some nitro beverages such as stout or nitro coffee require nitrogen which is option c)
a) 2.6kg CO2 Gas Cylinder
b) 6.0kg CO2 Gas Cylinder
c) disposable nitrogen cylinder and regulator
d) We also highly recommend a duotight MFL fitting for your MK4 regulator. Making the process of attaching your regulator to your EVABarrier line much easier.


Options a), b), c), and d) are good options for home brewing but option e) is the best choice if you want to purchase commercial beer.
a) 19L Ball Lock Kegs. This is the most popular option for home brewing.
b) 9.5L Ball Lock kegs.
c) 19L Second Hand Ball Lock Kegs.  If you want to save some money  you can get these second hand kegs but really we recommend option a)
d) 20L All Stainless Commercial Keg with A-type or D-type spear. 
e) 30L All Stainless Commercial Keg with A-type or D-type spear.
f) 50L Keg with A-type or D-type spear or ball lock tapping head.  Very few people home brew in these large kegs but it can be done if you really want to.
g) No kegs.  If you want to get commercial beer from a brewery this normally comes in a keg so no need to purchase your own.

Series X Dimensions
- 600mm Wide
- 650mm Deep
- 840mm Height (excluding castor wheels and the height of guard rail, drip tray or font)
- 890mm Height of the fridge part (including castor wheels but excluding the height of guard rail, drip tray or font)


19L Ball Lock Kegs - Up to 4
9.5L Ball Lock Kegs - Up to 4
20L and 30L All Stainless Commercial Kegs - up to 3 x 20L kegs or 1 x 20L keg and 1 x 30L keg
50L Keg - 1

Australian 12 Month Warranty

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Instruction Manual

To download the instruction manual for the Series 4 click here

To download the instruction manual for the Series X click here

Please note the assembly of the two Series differs so make sure you are following the instruction manual for the Series you have ordered.

To determine what pressure you should set your CO2 cylinder according to the set temperature of the fridge follow this chart:

KegLand Set & Forget CO2 Carbonation Chart

KegLand - Series 4 Kegerator Instruction Manual

Kegerator Normal Operating Sounds
These kegerators have been manufactured with the new r600a refrigerant gas used on many appliances.  We use this particular type of gas as it's the most environmentally friendly gas and it's also more electrically efficient.  This type of gas does make some unusual sounds and we have recorded, amplified and included links to these sounds in links below.  We have done this so you are aware of the normal operating sounds of the Series 4 Kegerator:

Series 4 Kegerator - Outside Compressor (-5C) ON

Series 4 Kegerator - Outside Compressor (-5C) CLICK OFF  

Series 4 Kegerator - Inside Cold Plate (-5C) ON - FAN OFF 

Series 4 Kegerator - Inside Cold Plate (-5C) ON - FAN ON

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