TC Breakdown - 3 Inch Tri-Clover - Conversion Kit for 25w Pump

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The TC Breakdown brewing pump head is a tri-clover stainless steel pump head to upgrade your 25w Magnetic Drive Pump. It is not compatible with Blichmann Engineering RipTide. It eliminates cavitation, is easy to clean and designed specifically for the brewing industry.

This conversion kit is so you can convert your standard 25w Magnetic Drive Pump and upgade the head of this pump to a tri-clover design with purge/PRV.  If you want to purchase the complete assembly including the pump motor you can purcher the whole TC Breakdown Pump here.

Tri-Clover Head
The Tri-Clover(TC) head can be removed easily and quickly using a 3inch tri-clover clamp meaning no tools are necessary and you can whip the head of in a flash to clear out spent grain, hop material or even a blockage.

Inline Design
The inline design means the input and output are inline making it easier to integrate into your brewery setup and this it's easy to keep your hoses neat and tidy.

Purge/PRV - Eliminate Cavitation
Unlike some other pumps such as the Blichmann Engineering RipTide pump our pump head uses Cornelius compatible PRV so if you are already in the brewing industry you will have compatible spare parts in your tool kit.  The PRV acts as a safety so you do not over pressurize your pump head or brewery system.  It can also be used to purge out air practically eliminating cavitation issues.

304 Stainless
The entire pump head is made from 304 Grade Stainless steel so it's highly resistant to chemicals, heat and physical abuse.

Any Angle
As the pump head attaches to the body using tri-clover clamp the pump head can be rotated at any angle giving you infinite adjustment on the angle at which the hoses connect to the pump.  This also makes it easy to configure the plumbing to your unique brewery design.


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